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Our services - redesign, reconfigure, upgrade, refresh

Whether you’re looking for a quick-fix makeover or a full re-style of your home or property, our professional stylist team can help. We can work to any budget and offer practical guidance and hands-on services. We work closely with architects and builders and can manage projects from concept to delivery.

In addition we advise on colour, style, storage, furnishings, furniture, window dressings, artwork and accessories. We have a close relationship with local tradespeople, so can arrange for decorating, tiling or new flooring. We can take you shopping and guide you on what to buy, and we’re very happy to share our favourite shops, sources and suppliers with you. Once all the decisions have been made and everything’s been bought, we can unpack and dress your house or property.

Whether you’ve just moved house, want to revamp your current home, need to declutter or you’re preparing your property to sell or rent, we can help.

Just moved in or purchased a property ?

If you’ve just moved into your new home and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, our home stylists can help. We can work with you to quickly make your new house feel like home. Whether you want to completely redecorate or just need a helping hand to get started, our team can guide, advise and provide hands-on help. From personal shopping, to colour schemes, art selection to the final house dress, managing tradespeople to ordering paint, our team are there to help you achieve your dream home. We can tailor our service to any budget and will always work to make the most of what you already have.

House or office makeover

Sometimes you just need a change. Our stylists can rearrange, revamp, update or transform your property and help you fall in love with your home again. If you’re stuck in a rut décor-wise, we can provide that much-needed fresh pair of eyes, new perspective and creative mind. Our makeover service works entirely around you. It may be that you want some advice on colour schemes or a second opinion on your ideas. Equally, if you want our stylists to take the lead on design choices and style your entire property, we are more than happy to help. We can also project manage your makeover, sort out tradespeople and look after your budgets if you wish. With Housedress, the choice is always yours.


Decluttering is one of our favourite things – we love it! We’ve seen time again what a difference it makes to people’s lives. If your home feels out of control and overcrowded, we can help you reclaim your space and make it manageable again. With some clever storage solutions, minor rearranging and a bit of rejigging, our team will make your home feel more spacious, tidy and inviting. You’ll also be able to find things! We know that it’s hard to throw things out, but sometimes it’s time for things to go. We can go through your things in a sympathetic and gentle way, helping you decide what can stay and what can go. We can also advise on reusing and ‘upcycling’ things that have fallen into disuse. Then you can sit back, relax and enjoy your lovely home again.

Holiday property

Holiday properties are hard to get right. They need to be uncluttered and easy to maintain, but also be warm, inviting and comfortable. It’s a fine balance, but one of our fortes. We can professionally style your holiday home to make the most of its features. We keep things simple and use well-chosen statement pieces to inject personality. The style will reflect the character of the property as well as its location, from seaside charm to stately Scottish glamour.

Preparing to sell

In these tough economic times, property isn’t selling fast. If you’re preparing a home to sell, our professional styling service can make all the difference. Our team can accentuate your property’s best features, maximise the sense of space and light, create the ‘wow factor’ and give your home buyer appeal.

Preparing to rent

We all know how important it is to attract the right tenants. With a little investment you can dramatically increase the appeal of your rental property, reducing your empty periods and increasing your rental income. Experienced with both commercial and residential property and using aspirational styling, our team can make your property attractive to the tenants you want. We know what works and use tried and tested methods that make the most of your property’s features.


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